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Chorus Homework On Eatnemen Vuelie

**March Schedule - Click to view important information about March rehearsals and concerts.

  • Sunday, March 18 – Rehearsal in Lawrence Chapel (510 E. College Ave, Appleton) 5:45-7:45 p.m.
    • Report directly to the Chapel. Enter the glass doors on the left from the Washington St. steps and follow the signs to the Chapel.

  • Friday, March 23 – Dress Rehearsal, 3:45-6:30 p.m. in Lawrence Chapel
    • Report to Shattuck Hall 163 to hand in erased music and put down coat. Then proceed to the Chapel to find assigned seat.
    • This rehearsal is mandatory and closed to parents and public. Girls who are not present may not take part in concerts.
    • No electronics are allowed during rehearsal.
    • Uniform is not required.
    • Choirs are dismissed at 6:30 p.m. Girls are expected to be present for the full rehearsal.

  • Saturday, March 24 – Concerts, 2 and 7 p.m. in Lawrence Chapel
    • Report to Shattuck Hall 163. Call times are 1:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.
    • No electronics are allowed during the concerts.
    • Flowers will be available to purchase on the steps of the Chapel before the concerts.
    • The concert is approximately 90 minutes in length. Girls may not stay at Lawrence between concerts.
    • The 7:00 p.m. concert will be webcast via the Lawrence University Livestream webpage.
    • Please reference the Cantabile webpage for uniform information.

  • Tutti Raffle – please turn in your sold and unsold raffle tickets at the next rehearsal or dress rehearsal.

  • Uniform Return - Cantabile blouse should be dry cleaned and returned to the Academy of Music office, 100 W. Water St. beginning Monday, March 26th. The office is open 8-5:00 p.m. weekdays. A blue bin located under the office window will be available from 5:00-9:00 p.m. for afterhours drop off. Please make sure to write your name on the tag provided.

Homework to Prepare for March 18th

-- Good progress on Eatnemen Vuelie!  High and low voices, make sure you have memorized the counts for holding out longs notes, and for number of measures of rest in between the singing

-- Continue to practice your music.  Mrs. Lind will have more detailed notes to post for our three songs-- hopefully by Wednesday (tomorrow) morning.  Keep checking in!

-- If you have not paid for your t-shirt, next Sunday, March 18, is your last chance.  Checks payable to Debbie Lind, please.  I cannot make change on the spot from larger bills.

-- Get to rehearsal early next week!  We need your help setting up the stage and the practice rooms.  Thanks!

-- ERASE!!

(A note for girls going on tour)
There's not a definite way to ensure you can access the music recordings for tour at school, so please make sure you continue to practice your music at home.  Nice progress on Non Nobis Domine last night!

  • For March 11th rehearsal - Click to view homework assignments

    --  Great discussion about the Sami people last night.  Thanks to all of you who did your homework!

    -- Continue to practice all of your music.  Review the details we covered last night.  Review your pencil movements for "Gloria."  Think gorgeous, rich, open tone!

    -- Play particular attention to "Eatnemen Vuelie."  That HAS to be memorized by next Sunday night!  Long way to go on that one! 

    -- Finish erasing your music pencil markings.  PLEEEEEASE!

    Announcements for Tour Girls:

    -- Check your email from LAM on February 27.  The subject line is "Come Play with Us."  It has all of the part assignments and my singing recordings of the festival music (the music we will sing with the other choirs).  This information came in the email, not on the Cantabile Announcements Website.  We had to do it this way for copyright laws reasons.

    -- Rehearsal again next Sunday night, 7:45 to 8:00 PM.  Have Non Nobis Domine learned!  I will seat you so you can be surrounded by other singers on your part.

  • For March 4th rehearsal - Click to view homework assignments

    This just in! 
    I will be handing out "Wake up and die alive" T-shirt order forms this Sunday, March 4.  The cost for a short-sleeve T-shirt is $12.25.  The cost for a long-sleeve T-shirt is $17.25.  All T-shirts will be black.  The order forms will ask for your size:  Small to XXXL.  Purchasing a T-shirt is TOTALLY optional -- not required.  This order is simply in response to your wide-spread interest. The T-shirts will be coming from Blue Moon Emporium, so we're keeping it local.  You may not place your order unless you have paid, and I need to submit the entire order Monday, March 5, to get the T-shirts by March 15.  Remember, last Sunday I said to be watching for this announcement on the website.  Cash payment is great (but I can't make change), and if you pay by check, please make the check out to "Debbie Lind."  You can order more than one T-shirt if you like, but please pay accordingly.
    -Mrs. Lind

    -- Practice your music everyday, even if you are OFF-BOOK.  Make sure to look at your music and follow your music notes as you sing, especially on Homeland, even if you think you have it memorized.  Too many of you have been hearing other parts, thinking they are yours.  Sing YOUR notes along with the recordings!!  Go easy with our added inflections on The Parting Glass.  Help make it sound natural, real and beautiful, not affected, nasal and fake.

    -- Do a quick Google search on the Sami People of northern Scandinavia. Jot down a couple facts and ideas.  Be prepared to share in a discussion about these amazing people.

    -- Sell raffle tickets!  Also, seriously consider signing up for the Spring Sing Thing!

    -- Check these announcements again later in the week.  I might continue to add information for you.

    -- PLEEEEEEEEEASE take care of yourselves!  Mentally, physically and emotionally!  I am in your corner!
  • For February 25th rehearsal- Click to view homework assignments.

    --Mrs. Putman and I thank you, Cantabile, for a productive rehearsal last night.  She told me via email that you went through a lot of material and DID make progress on your music.

    --So!  Keep working hard this week!  Just do what you do, only more of it!  Please note on paper specific trouble spots in your part in all four songs, where we need to review notes and rhythms, so we don't waste time running through the music for no reason.  We will start with your notes you make on specific places where we need work.  This one is on YOU.  Help me because I was not there to listen to you last night!

    --I will decide next Sunday if we indeed can do the choral movement on the Korean "Gloria."  It will depend on how you run the song OFF-BOOK.  Please know, if we sing the song without the movements, it will make NO sense!

    --Girls traveling to Milwaukee and Chicago with me in April:  If you can possibly arrive at rehearsal next Sunday, Feb. 25, at 5:25 PM, it would be stupendous!  We have to decide if we can take on singing our own music set at the Festival, and not just sing along with the other choirs in a mass choir.  I REALLY, REALLY want to try to sing our own songs, but I need to hear you as a small ensemble first, before I commit to having you sing, and I need to do that by next Sunday night!  And I don't mean maybe!  The Festival chairman needs to hear from me.  This request I am making now will show me who actually reads the LAM Website for assignments, and who does not.  If you are reading this, but cannot come early next Sunday, please email me to let me know why.  Use my Lawrence U. email.  Thank you!!

    --Have a healthy, safe week!  Walk like a penguin on the ice!
  • For February 18th rehearsal- Click to view homework assignments.

    --Study your music and be ready to be OFF-BOOK next Sunday, especially for "Gloria.

    --A reminder that Mrs. Putman will be teaching next Sunday.  Please treat her with Cantabile kindness and hospitality.  And get some real work done!

    -- Another reminder that if you are in charge of snacks, DO NOT FORGET TO BRING THEM, and also, CLEAN UP YOUR MESS after Break.  Ashton had to clean up everything last night -- BAD.

    -- I am still reflecting on your heartfelt, deeply profound sharing of thoughts about "The Parting Glass" last night.  We are so blessed to have a place like Cantabile, where it is comfortable and safe to tell personal stories, and even share a tear or two on the telling.  Nothing like it on earth. 

    -- Be prepared to briefly share some more thoughts with Mrs. Putman about "Homeland."  Lots to think about on that one!

    -- Please help Ashton set up and tear down the extra 12 chairs needed for Row 4, for "Gloria."  She will have lots of responsibility next Sunday.
  • For February 11th rehearsal- Click to view homework assignments.

    -- Write in Solfege Syllables for Non Nobis Domine, Alto part

    -- Study and rehearse AT LENGTH all of the diction, rhythm, diphthong, grace note, dynamics details on verses 1 and 2 of The Parting Glass.  Let's not take another solid hour next Sunday, mindlessly going over and over these important interpretive details, with no progress in sight.  We've broken it down, taken it apart, now let's put it back together and move forward towards artistry!

    -- Be prepared to share your ideas about that precious element found in great farewell songs:  the delicate balance between the sorrow of leaving, and the joy and hope for the future.  To you, is The Parting Glass a sad song, or a happy song?

    -- Review and learn your part on the beginning section of Gloria.  We have forgotten our previous work on that one because too many people choose not to review what we have learned!

    -- If you have a fever, stay home!  Do NOT go to school!  Flu . . . BAD.  Health . . . GOOD.

    -- Thought for the week:
    Which side of The Sad Irony of Life do you want to be on?  The positive/helpful side?  Or the negative/irresponsible side?

  • For February 4th rehearsal- Click to view homework assignments.

    --Parts for Eatnemen Vuelie:
       --Page 1 - Yoikers only
       -- Meas. 12-58 - Middle staff, high girls on top notes, low girls on low notes
       -- Meas. 68-89 - High and low girls tacet (do not sing)
       -- Meas. 90-112 - Middle staff, high girls on top notes, low girls on low notes
       -- Refer to YouTube recording for help: Cantus Eatnemen Vuelie

    --Write in text for Verse 2 into your part for Parting Glass - show Mrs. Lind your work when you arrive at rehearsal next week.

    --Write in solfege syllables for Sop. I and Sop. II on Non Nobis Domine

    --OFF-BOOK and almost performance ready on February 18, on Gloria
  • For January 28th rehearsal- Click to view homework assignments.

    --Be ready to clap the rhythms on "Gloria" -- M. 21--56.  This should be easy because we have already worked on this section in sectionals.

    --Listen to two recordings of Latin textfor "Gloria" -- M. 21--56 (please forgive my post-Wonderful-Game voice)

    --Refer again to Cantabile announcements from January 15 to look up your parts assignments for our three songs.  Make sure to check all three songs! 

    --Refer again to Cantabile announcements from January 15 to hear our repertoire performed on YouTube.

    --Thank you for your hard work last night.  If we push hard, we will catch up to the time lost because of my absence!

  • From January 15th rehearsal- Click to view homework assignments.

    Sorry about my cancelling rehearsal last night. I'll make it up to you all! LOTS of things to look at this week:

    --Rhythm exercise for you to study and try to sing rhythms on "Doo", while tapping (downs & ups) the beats -- be prepared to perform this with the group Sunday.

    --Note your parts assignmentsfor our three songs -- mark them in your scores.  Let's NOT waste time on this Sunday!

    --What-to-bring sheet for Cantabile Bonding this coming Sunday, Jan21.  WE ARE DOING THIS!!!  Arrive with your contributions at 4:45 PM -- we will eat at 5:00 PM. 
        --If you are bringing $8.00, please bring cash.  If you must write a check, make it out to Debbie Lind.

    --Remember to bring your list of the seven Elements of Music.

    --Remember to tell me if you will NOT be singing for our Spring Concert, March 24, 2018

    --Finally, PLEEEEEEEASE email me to let me know that you have received these announcements!  If I do not hear from you by Wednesday, I will be checking in with you by email or phone.  Click here for the email address. 

    --Check out the YouTube recordings of our repertoire.  Remember, MUM'S THE WORD!
        --The Parting Glass

    -Mrs. Lind

  • From January 7th rehearsal- Click to view homework assignments.

    --Surf the web, find out the seven ELEMENTS OF MUSIC, put them down on paper to be TURNED IN at the beginning of rehearsal next Sunday.

    --If you surf YouTube looking for our repertoire for the spring concert, do so WHEN YOU ARE ALONE!  Mum's the word!

    -- Check with your families and school musical or school tours schedules to see if you will be IN TOWN and available for our spring concert!  The concert falls over spring break for some school districts.  I need to know your plans, so I can voice our songs accordingly.  DO NOT put this off!  Do it now, while your director is still IN A GOOD MOOD!

    -- Reminder:  Cantabile Bonding, Sunday, January 21, 2018, bring in food at 4:45 PM, eat at 5:00 PM

  • 2017-18 Calendar - Click the button below to download and print the yearly calendar for Cantabile. This calendar was updated on 2/20/18
    2017-18 Calendar

The Bel Canto curriculum explores historical, theoretical, and cultural aspects of a wide range of repertoire for treble and women's choirs. Bel Canto singers prepare music for multiple performances per year, including both the fall and spring Girl Choir concerts. Bel Canto was recently awarded Second Place in the national American Prize competition, has been invited to perform at several state and regional conventions of choral conductors, and has appeared as the guest artist with the Monteverdi Master Chorale (Stevens Point), St. Marys Youth Choir (Ontario, Canada), Viking Choral Festival, newVoices (formerly White Heron Chorale), Makaroff Youth Ballet, Lawrence University choirs and orchestra, and for the Sing Out Loud! and PIPFest women's choir festivals in Minnesota. They have appeared on Wisconsin Public Television and have a performance permanently linked to the WPT website.

2018-19 Auditions

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