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Company Profile
Cigna Taiwan was established in 1989 as a branch of the Cigna Corporation and was one of the first foreign insurers in the Taiwanese market. Having developed a strong local presence, Cigna Taiwan was officially domesticated as a subsidiary in 2011 and continues to actively expand in the market by leveraging long term business partnerships and pioneering non-traditional distribution channels. Led by a team of professionals who are passionate about their customers and communities, Cigna Taiwan is committed to being the most trusted life and health insurance company in Taiwan. A deep understanding of our customers enables us to provide solutions over a broad range of products, including life, accident, health and investment-linked insurance.

Cigna’s Mission
Our mission is to help improve the health, well-being and sense of security of the people we serve.

Cigna Taiwan’s Vision
Our vision is to be the most trusted insurance company in Taiwan offering health and protection solutions delivered by a team of people who are passionate about our customers and communities.

Innovative Insurance Solutions
With a focus on health and protection solutions, Cigna Taiwan offers insurance policies designed to protect consumers from accidents, health issues, and life events. We also offer select investment-oriented insurance policies as well. We have successively launched a number of innovative products in Taiwan, including an industry leading dental protection plan as well as a plan that is designed specifically to provide protection against senior dementia. Cigna Taiwan offers products to meet various insurance needs customers have at different stages in life.

Best In Class Telemarketing
Taking pride in our telemarketing and insurance expertise, Cigna Taiwan has several telemarketing centers in Taipei and Kaohsiung with more than 600 professional telemarketers. Being widely recognized as the largest and most professional telemarketing team in Taiwan has enabled us to partner with more organizations than any other insurer. Our systems and processing have been built from the ground up to ensure not only an efficient sales team, but also to safeguard customer information as evidenced by our ISO 27001 certification.

Customer-Centric Services
Cigna Taiwan believes in a customer-centric approach and keeps this as our top priority. By listening carefully to our customers and understanding their needs enables us to provide a solution that creates value and security. We aim to provide services that are convenient and accessible 24/7/365 and in the manner that our customers wish to connect in. Moreover, Cigna Taiwan strives to be a thought leader in the market through our in-depth consumer surveys, analysis, and health promotion initiatives. 

The Best Place to Work
Cigna Taiwan values our talent and believes that a healthy and happy work environment is key for employees to perform their best. We are  committed to building an engaging workplace by providing our team with comprehensive and diversified benefits, including:

  • Highly competitive compensation and reward programs
  • Career development opportunities with a solid infrastructure including job attachments and short term assignments
  • Learning and development programs and resources, including reimbursement schemes for continuing education
  • Constantly enhancing benefits related to employees’ physical and mental health
  • Organizing regular team and health events
  • Strong two-way internal communication channels
  • A corporate culture of encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Providing opportunities and time to give back to our communities through volunteer programs and events

Cigna Taiwan Milestones

  • 1989: Cigna Corporation established business in Taiwan
  • 1996: Pioneer in introducing telemarketing as a sales model
  • 2001: Adopted dedicated telemarketing sales system
  • 2008: Launched Taiwan’s first Direct-to-Customer internet insurance marketing channel
  • 2011: Introduced first-to-market Dental Protection Plan in Taiwan
  • 2011: Winner of 2011 “Well-being Award” from the Ministry of the Interior
  • 2013: Launched Taiwan’s innovative Dementia Protection Plan
  • 2013: Winner of “Best Companies to Work For” by Department of Labor, Taipei City Government
  • 2014: Winner of “Best Companies to Work For” by Department of Labor, Taipei City Government

Corporate Functions
Our support teams like Finance, Human Resources, Legal, Marketing and Supply Chain Management (to name a few) partner with our businesses to answer questions, solve problems and provide strategic guidance. They promote efficient and effective ways of getting things done, so they’re crucial to keeping running.

Financial Products
This is the team that delivers the Bloomberg Professional® service, aka “the Terminal” — our core product and the financial engine of the company. They also look after the data, enterprise, risk and trading products and services that complement the Terminal. In a phrase, they help our clients make better informed decisions and trades.

Global Data
Our problem-solving data team produces the algorithms, research notes and analysis that fuel all of our products.

Industry Verticals
Our web-based businesses—Bloomberg Government, Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) and Bloomberg Bureau of National Affairs (BBNA)—deliver data, news and analytics to decision makers in the government, clean energy and legal markets.

Our media teams cover news through television, radio, print, mobile and online channels. 24/7.

News and Research
These teams write, source and deliver the news and analysis that give our clients a vital business advantage.

When top decision-makers need to know what’s going on in the markets, they turn to our technology. It takes a lot of talented people to develop the software, hardware and networks that make it unique. Some 5,000+ technologists, to be exact.

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