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Shekou International School Memes Homework

SIS provides enrichment activities that extend beyond the range of the regular school curriculum for PreK1 and PreK2 students. The activities are intended to foster children’s self esteem, independence and development through a range of experiences.

The activities, selected by the individual teacher, take into consideration the multiple intelligences of children, their interests, abilities and learning needs. ASAs encourage the student to use spare time productively. Students also have the opportunity to improve their abilities in a particular area e.g. art, clay, cooking, literacy. Students will often develop an ongoing appreciation of a particular subject matter that remains a life-long interest and source of enjoyment.

The overall aim of the elementary After-School Activities Program at SIS is to provide new educational opportunities for students. Based on student learning, the wide range of activities from which students can select may be creative, scholastic or athletic in nature.

The majority of activities are run by faculty on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. However, members from the outside community offer particular activities as well. Activities offered are meant to be enjoyable, challenging as well as interesting to students. The After-School Activities Program is designed to allow students to have time to play while exploring new challenges.

Some examples of elementary after school activities include, pottery, card games, homework club, math club, digital photography, football, choir, martial arts, chess club, elementary school student council, basketball, drama club, swimming (summer only) and Chinese culture club.

Transportation home after activities for all regular SIS bus riders will be provided. There are no fees for most of these activities unless specified.

Elementary School Sample ASA

Middle and High Schools Activities and Sports

The aim of our MS & HS Activities and Athletics Program is to engage as many students as possible and provide opportunities for them to excel and become skilled in areas outside of their classroom.

In addition, we want our students to have fun participating in the various school events and after school activities offered at SIS. These activities play an important role in the special growth that occurs during their transition into the teenage years.

It is our belief that, while we want our students to be busy and engaged in a variety of activities, it is important to instill in students a sense of commitment by helping them make the right choices, and not be overwhelmed by participating in too many activities. The SIS After School Activities & Athletics Program provides a wide range of activities students can participate in. Our program is structured in such a way that most athletic activities are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and non-athletic activities are offered on Mondays and Fridays.

We hope that both students and parents will appreciate the learning that can take place in the activities offered as SIS. Most of the after school activities are from 3:30pm to 4:45pm. Transportation for all regular SIS bus riders will be provided. There are usually no fees for the activities unless specified (special supplies that the school does not provide, or travel costs for particpation in competitions). Registration is a one-time process that occurs at the beginning of each trimester.

Middle and High School Sample ASA

Dear Parents, Students and Visitors:

Thank you for visiting our website; we appreciate the opportunity to share our school with you. The Shekou International School (SIS) High School, at the Bayside campus, offers a challenging college preparatory program.

SIS is an official IB World School, with an International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. These are schools that share a common philosophy - a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education that SIS believes is important for our students. SIS High School courses also provide academic credits towards a High School graduation diploma.

For further information about the diploma program, please visit the SIS IB web page.

High School students at SIS are engaged in community service, and in addition, take part in annual study trips to diverse locations in China. Our students enjoy the use of laptops (1:1 ratio) in a fully wireless environment. The highly skilled and dedicated faculty, along with administration and support staff, work together with parents to encourage students to think critically and creatively and to maximize their individual learning and growth.

Please explore our website, and if you are not already a member of the SIS community, come see what an excellent and exciting school we have here at Bayside.

With best wishes,

Mike Livingston,
Middle and High School Principal

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