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Android IEEE Projects 2016-2017

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iSearch : Mobile app for searching lost person

Search of missing kids in a short time through mobile application. Parents can find their children without any help using android app. They can search their kid using this app by uploading photos or through providing specific information and can view list of missing kids.In vast population, stepping in search of a kid by themself is not so easy. No modern technologies exist in such situation rather giving proper complaint and waiting for long time to retain their children, such a waste of time. To overcome the above problem, this mobile application was found in ease to search for a kid. In proposed system, searching a kid made easy to parents who lost their kid. This application store kids information in database which is used to retrieve information about particular kid and number of kids. You can post information and upload photo as well.

Greenhouse Remote Monitoring System Based Mobile App

Monitoring and control of greenhouse environment play an significant role in greenhouse production and management. This system consists of local monitoring module, server and Android client. Module accomplishes data acquisition and device control through CAN bus. Interacts Android client via the MySQL database.

Fast Sharing Blood Availability Between Donar’s And Acceptor’s Through Android App Using Cloud Services

The purpose of this study was to develop a blood management information system to assist in the management of blood donor records and ease/or control the distribution of blood in various parts of the country basing on the hospital demands. Without quick and timely access to donor records, creating market strategies for blood donation, lobbying and sensitization of blood donors becomes very difficult. The blood management information system offers functionalities to quick access to donor records collected from various parts of the country. It enables monitoring of the results and performance of the blood donation activity such that relevant and measurable objectives of the organization can be checked. It provides to management timely, confidential and secure medical reports that facilitates planning and decision making and hence improved medical service delivery. The reports generated by the system give answers to most of the challenges management faces as far as blood donor records are.

iJob : job Peers Traning and Exam

The students appearing for placements and various other exams like GRE, GMAT and GATE prepare themselves by appearing for mock tests and searching for the study material from different websites. Today, there are many web applications enables for posted JOB portal and Interview Questions but there exists none that provides for all sections with random set of questions and subjects related technical questions, maintaining statistics in one single application. This project provides an application for taking technical and Non-technical related questions for proposed system also provide each section. This application has been developed within the framework of the current study that provides its users with a fast, effective and efficient learning environment. And this mainly developed and used for job seekers and final year students. This system enables job portal is always updated stage and Questions also.

iCar : Mobile app for car pooling using bootstrap responsive design

In today's world, there are lots of people commuting from place to place. Example: employees going back home. Students going home from university etc. And lot of times, people will be commuting via car or bike and there is place to take a fellow employee along with him to give a ride. But the problem is there is no easy way to know how many people a person can take and co-ordination is a huge issue that there is no effort by people to help each other by giving a lift and more over this saves the environment in reducing fuel usage, reduces traffic with fewer vehicles etc. The Carpool is an android application which will provide the advanced searching techniques and provide most relevant results for the carpooling in the city. This will be help full in easy way Carpooling reduces the costs involved in repetitive or long distance driving by sharing cars, sharing rental charges, or paying the main car owner. Some countries have introduced high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes to encourage car.

Mobile app for Laundry service using bootstrap responsive design

Mobile app based Laundry and Dry cleaning is a service activity . Earlier clothes were washed by hand, washer men in ponds, rivers and then dried and pressed. But now a day?s hand wash is outdated, due to work load. Washing machines of high capacity are developed and steam pressing and calendaring machines have also come up to make wrinkle free and press automatically. Dry cleaning is a process of cleaning costly clothes in specific solvent with the help of washing machine. In conventional washing, water is the main medium and detergent or soap is used for washing. In such case, costly clothes may shrink or colour may fade in the presence of strong alkalis. So valuable clothes, sarees, coats, etc. are dry washed. As dry cleaning need lot of care and systematic procedure and chemicals, it is not easy to carry out at home and service units are found in major towns for this activity. The Project will have automatic Washing machine also to undertake the order of wet cleaning of the cloths.

Mobile app for Employee management system for monitoring and controlling process using bootstrap responsive design

The goal of Employee Management System is help to attracting, developing, and retaining employees and also by managing them effectively. It aims to achieve a fit between managing the organization's employees and the overall strategic direction of the organization. EMS planning deals with recognizing and fulfilling the employee needs of an organization. In order to meet the effectiveness objective of management control, the Admin/HR plan should be formulated in such a way that it conforms to the organizational strategies and corporate plans. At the micro level, the organization needs to do career planning for employees and succession planning for key positions in the organization. At a macro level, the organization needs to carry out workforce (manpower) planning and salary planning. The nature of the HR planning process is primarily dependent upon the organizational size and the hierarchical structure within the organization.

iTour : Mobile app for Tourism City using bootstrap responsive design

The main objective of the project is to develop a system that provides information regarding the places, hotels, transports. Any news, information, advertisements, displayed on this website reaches millions of potential customers. This project is mainly beneficial for the tourist?s having no idea about the places they want to visit. By providing a geographic based information system the tourists and people shifting to new cities can get a better guidance of the places they want to visit.

Mobile app for Sharing Marriage Invitation using bootstrap responsive design

This is a Invitation application user can create and post new invitations on wedding, engagement and house warming occasions. Our Proposed work consist of three modules post, search and view posted invitations. This will be implemented by taking wedding or engagement or house warming occasion related details from user and then ask user to post or search an invitations. Once user get registered in this application they are allowed to post, search and view the invitations. Google map also added in this application, the exact occasion venue will shown by getting address from user and shown on Google map. Google Maps is a Web-based service that provides detailed information about geographical regions and sites around the world. In addition to conventional road maps, Google Maps offers aerial and satellite views of many places. Google map can helps people as creating understandable directions and root to reach your functions places. This proposed work has been implemented using HTML, CSS.

iBus : Mobile app for Bus Timing Report using bootstrap responsive design

Advanced traveler information systems are one component of intelligent transportation systems, and a major component is travel time information. Prediction Model have been adopted by many transit agencies for tracking their vehicles and predicting travel time in real time. It is a very important subject to improve the precision and reliability of the prediction model which can attract additional ridership, reduce passengers' anxieties and waiting times at bus stop, and increase their satisfaction. Furthermore, it can promote the development of city public transportation. This paper presents an improved approach to predict the public bus arrival time based on location. After analyzing the components of bus arrival time systematically, the bus arrival time and dwell time at previous stops are chosen as the main input variables of the prediction model. At first, the algorithm of data interpolation and processing is designed to get the real-time of bus arrival as the input variables

iSchool : Mobile app for School Management App using bootstrap responsive design

An Android application for college is an application that can be accessed throughout the organization and especially by students well with proper login provided when needed. This application can be used by students using their smart phones. Using this application students will able to stay updated with their college events, circular notices, exam time table. An android based college campus to share the college campus activities application will provide updates to the students of their respective departments, notices regarding the recruiting company, campus interview date and other placement activities.

Anomaly detection approach against shilling attacks in E-com site using the dynamic time interval segmentation technique

Various types of web applications have gained both higher customer satisfaction and morebenefits since being successfully armed with personalized recommendation. However, the increasingly rampant shilling attackers apply biased rating profiles to systems to manipulate item recommendations, which not just lower the recommending precision and user satisfaction but also damage the trustworthiness of intermediated transaction platforms and participants. Many studies have offered methods against shilling attacks, especially user profile based-detection. However, this detection suffers from the extraction of the universal feature of attackers, which directly results in poor performance when facing the improved shilling attack types. This paper presents a novel dynamic time interval segmentation technique based item anomaly detection approach to address these problems. In particular, this study is inspired by the common attack features from the standpoint of the item profile, and can detect

iSports : Mobile app for Sports Events using bootstrap responsive design

This paper presents and model a novel general framework for aware collaborative information sharing for sports events update. Collaborative information sharing systems can be cross-domain, involve different data providers which might also be competitors. For this reason, shared information may imply privacy concerns, which must be addressed, applying privacy preserving mechanisms on information before sharing them. However, since the application of these privacy preserving mechanisms may negatively affect the accuracy of data analysis, a trade-off must be considered, and the privacy preserving mechanism to be applied must be chosen correctly.

E-services for gram panchayath

The proposed framework based on the data providers sport information is shared towards the public user with secured privacy. The proposed framework defines and models a workflow which applies to any privacy aware collaborative information sharing system, defines indexes to measure the compatibility between privacy requirements, and includes a novel method to compute the trade-off between privacy and accuracy. This work also proposes a methodology to choose, case-by-case, the privacy mechanism which maximizes the trade-off between privacy and accuracy.


In the modern world, technology has flourished in a very tremendous way. Where ever we go we come across digital gadgets and everything has been atomized whether it is an institution or business sector or any commercial sector for that matter, anything and everything has become technicality oriented in this cyberspace world. The project ?SMART BUSINESS? is a small approach to automate the ledges of the retailers, distributors and stockiest and help them to overcome stress when comes to investment analysis and management of stocks, orders and maintaining products such as baby care, biscuits, body care, hair care etc..., This project deals about the marketing and requirement strategy of the clients. These marketing strategies differ from place to place, time to time and from product to product. This is an application which is been developed and customized based on the categories of clients. The categories of clients are i) Retailer ii) Distributor iii) St

Mobile for Ambulance and police location based information

Some of you may wonder why ambulance tracking is so important. But actually 10 second delay may decide the life or death of a person. We are familiar with the concept of an emergency ambulance, an ambulance which is used to move patients rapidly to critical care in an emergency room under required medical condition. They can also be used for routine transport of non-urgent cases, such as transfers between hospitals and nursing homes and accidents. In most nations, ambulances are given priority on the road, in recognition to the fact that time is important when moving a critically ill or seriously injured patients. So Ambulances are critical tools in helping EMTs and other trained first responders not only quickly arrive at an emergency but also provide potentially life-saving measures.

Mobile App fo BHARATH NARI for online shopping

A Bharat Nari is a portal which allows merchants in developing counters to advertise and sell their goods. This would permit rural communities to make their wares available to the rest of the world. The objective of this project is to create a portal which would allow product information to be updated securely using a mobile device and will allow users to buy goods form the merchant. The main concern is given to the village women?s to explore their talents and to enhance our traditional Indian culture. In future the internet become whole and soul to the business fields, each and every trades are going to be done through it so this portal may helpful to the women as a business person in this running world.

Bridge between Investor and Business people

Investment in India is a concept based on business purpose. In my project I will be providing platform to the investors and also connecting the people with good business concepts. This in turn will evolve how much to invest and where to invest the money with good returns on investment. Here providing two forms - one for investors and another one for business people with contact details. There are situation when the people have excess funds they will try to park this amount in Banks or Gold. Here, I am exploring the possibility of investing these excess funds directly to the business connecting the investor and the business persons. I am developing the application which will connect the investor and the business people and vice-versa. I will be charging for usage of my application from both the ends. The need for developing this project was to bridge the huge communicational gap between the business people and investors and also with no time to contact each other on the common place

Android Application to Access College Activities Events, Placement, Student Info

An Android application for college is an application that can be accessed throughout the organization and especially by students well with proper login provided when needed. This application can be used by students using their smart phones. Using this application students will able to stay updated with their college events, circular notices, exam time table. An android based college campus to share the college campus activities application will provide updates to the students of their respective departments, notices regarding the recruiting company, campus interview date and other placement activities.

Hybrid Cloud Approach for Secure Authorized Deduplication

Data deduplication is one of important data compression techniques for eliminating duplicate copies of repeating data, andhas been widely used in cloud storage to reduce the amount of storage space and save bandwidth. To protect the confidentiality of sensitive data while supporting deduplication, the convergent encryption technique has been proposed to encrypt the data before outsourcing. To better protect data security, this paper makes the first attempt to formally address the problem of authorized data deduplication. Different from traditional deduplication systems, the differential privileges of users are further considered in duplicate check besides the data itself. We also present several new deduplication constructions supporting authorized duplicate check in hybrid cloud architecture. Security analysis demonstrates that our scheme is secure in terms of the definitions specified in the proposed security model. As a proof of concept, we implement a prototype of our proposed auth

Discovery of Ranking Fraud for Mobile Apps

Ranking fraud in the mobile App market refers to fraudulent or deceptive activities which have a purpose of bumping up the Apps in the popularity list. Indeed, it becomes more and more frequent for App developers to use shady means, such as inflating their Apps? sales or posting phony App ratings, to commit ranking fraud. While the importance of preventing ranking fraud has been widely recognized, there is limited understanding and research in this area. To this end, in this paper, we provide a holistic view of ranking fraud and propose a ranking fraud detection system for mobile Apps. Specifically, we first propose to accurately locate the ranking fraud by mining the active periods, namely leading sessions, of mobile Apps. Such leading sessions can be leveraged for detecting the local anomaly instead of global anomaly of App rankings. Furthermore, we investigate three types of evidences, i.e., ranking based evidences, rating based evidences and review based evidences, by modeling Apps

Online System Complaints & Bug Tracking System for MNC companies

Software companies spend over 45 percent of cost in dealing with software bugs. An inevitable step of fixing bugs is bug triage, which aims to correctly assign a developer to a new bug. ? To decrease the time cost in manual work, text classification techniques are applied to conduct automatic bug triage. In this paper, we address the problem of data reduction for bug triage, i.e., how to reduce the scale and improve the quality of bug data. ? We combine instance selection with feature selection to simultaneously reduce data scale on the bug dimension and the word dimension. To determine the order of applying instance selection and feature selection, we extract attributes from historical bug data sets and build a predictive model for a new bug data set. ? We empirically investigate the performance of data reduction on totally 600,000 bug reports of two large open source projects, namely Eclipse and Mozilla. ? The results show that our data reduction can effectively reduce the data

Expert Discovery and Interactions in Mixed Service-Oriented Systems

Web-based collaborations and processes have become essential in today?s business environments. Such processes typically span interactions between people and services across globally distributed companies. Web services and SOA are the defacto technology to implement compositions of humans and services. The increasing complexity of compositions and the distribution of people and services require adaptive and context-aware interaction models. To support complex interaction scenarios, we introduce a mixed service-oriented system composed of both human-provided and Software-Based Services (SBSs) interacting to perform joint activities or to solve emerging problems. However, competencies of people evolve over time, thereby requiring approaches for the automated management of actor skills, reputation, and trust. Discovering the right actor in mixed service-oriented systems is challenging due to scale and temporary nature of collaborations. We present a novel approach addressing the need for

Digital Vechicle - Smart Mobile App for Instant Search of Lincense, Insurance and RC Book

Digital vehicle is based on mobile ?Android Application?. Nowadays increasing public used vehicle via road. But they are not followed any Rules and Regulation. So this project is used to public vehicle details are stored to database. Police can view and check that details like (License, Insurance and RC Book) and the can enter their punishment also. These databases are handled by admin. Admin can only enter this system updated public document details and verify punishment details. Once police enters public punishment those details are updated to license. Police can only enter punishment details and check Insurance Expiry date and RC book validation details. So it will be reduced time consuming for police. It is fully automated system using android application ?DIGITAL VEHICLE?. Earlier systems are fully manually maintained by police records. At anywhere anytime police can view public documents.

Nexus Mobile App for Searching contractor and worker in citys

Objective of the project is to provide a PC Grid solution focused on the workers of unorganized sector includes mason, carpenters, plumber, painter etc. PC Grid is a android solution through which workers register themselves for a specific skill. Using this information, users, contractors or organized sectors can select the workers as per their need. At the time of worker selection, company or user can view the worker skill, references given by those who have taken their service in the past, work location and availability of particular workers. System sends SMS to selected workers regarding work and customer details. A worker confirms either through phone or this system and either fixed up meeting or work start date. Organized sector user or general public can rate worker skill, charges, particularity about time, dedication, behavior, habits etc through this system. And also User can select Contractors in this site.So Contractor also Registered with in this site, After that Contract

Online SMART BUSINESS - i) Retailer ii) Distributor iii) Stockiest

In the modern world, technology has flourished in a very tremendous way. Where ever we go we come across digital gadgets and everything has been atomized whether it is an institution or business sector or any commercial sector for that matter, anything and everything has become technicality oriented in this cyberspace world. The project ?SMART BUSINESS? is a small approach to automate the ledges of the retailers, distributors and stockiest and help them to overcome stress when comes to investment analysis and management of stocks, orders and maintaining products such as baby care, biscuits, body care, hair care etc..., This project deals about the marketing and requirement strategy of the clients. These marketing strategies differ from place to place, time to time and from product to product. This is an application which is been developed and customized based on the categories of clients. The categories of clients are i) Retailer ii) Distributor iii) St

EduPad A tablet based educational system for improving adult literacy in rural India

The rate of Literacy is an important indicator of a society's overall human development. The population of India, as in most other developing countries is concentrated in the rural areas. However, the rural areas of India are often at a disadvantage within the Indian Education System. An educational system called EduPad, to reduce the rural adult illiteracy using advancements in technology is proposed here. Such a system can be used to make up for lack of qualified personnel and adequate infrastructure in rural India. The device proposed here is an interactive Tablet, which is capable of teaching multiple languages. We propose to develop interactive educational software which can run on the tablet. The software helps the user to learn to write as well as spell the alphabets. Initially the software teaches alphabets and then moves onto words and sentences.

PG LOCATOR for Searching PG hostel or Rental Houses

The main objective of the project is to develop an application that provides PG?s information regarding the location, facilities, food, price, maps, transportation facility, and safety measures. Any news, information, advertisements, displayed on this website reaches millions of potential customers.

Privacy-Preserving Utility Verification of the Data Published by Non-interactive Differentially Private Mechanisms

In the problem of privacy-preserving collaborative data publishing (PPCDP), a central data publisher is responsible for aggregating sensitive data from multiple parties and then anonymizing it before publishing for data mining. In such scenarios, the data users may have a strong demand to measure the utility of the published data since most anonymization techniques have side effects on data utility. Nevertheless, this task is non-trivial because the utility measuring usually requires the aggregated raw data, which is not revealed to the data users due to privacy concerns. What?s worse, the data publishers may even cheat in the raw data since no one including the individual providers knows the full dataset. In this paper, we first propose a privacy-preserving utility verification mechanism based upon cryptographic technique for DiffPart ? a differentially private scheme designed for set-valued data. This proposal can measure the data utility based upon the encrypted frequencies

Agri Shop for famers

Agri Shop is a very important feature used in e-commerce to assist people making purchases online, similar to the US English term ?Agri Shop?. The business-to-consumer aspect of electronic commerce (e-commerce) is the most visible business use of the World Wide Web. The primary goal of an e-commerce site is to sell goods and services online. This system is used to farmer and user. Farmer upload their product with details and buyer view this details and book that product with in a time.

Farmer Information App for agirculture

Farmer Info App is a very important feature used to assist people Make new Research similar to Agriculture. Agriculture is backbone of our country. This system is used for common user. They also can post their research report though this website. This system is used to farmer and user. User uploads their research document after that admin verify this document and provide approval for publishing document. After that public can view this new research document uploaded by user. This system enables user friendly for public accessing. User can post their own research and they can publish it. Public choose their category and view details about this research paper.

Health Diet Online Search and proposal system

Medical study has revealed that people set a bigger possibility of countering free radicals and warding off illness by consumption of healthy foods and by increasing their resistant system. Due to the poor eating habits people suffer from many diseases. In the current scenario fast food become important food in daily routine because it is effortlessly available but taking fast food in routine may cause for disease like heart attack, diabetics etc. Healthier diets help us to maintain our health and keep us away from many diseases. For better recovery from diseases or surgery etc individual have special needs according to their medical profile, cultural backgrounds and nutrient requirements. Design and implementation of healthy diet recommendation system is based on web data mining which is the application of data mining technique help us to determine pattern from web.

Smarth Health Care - like GO GREEN and ALLOPATHIC.

It might have happened so many times that you or someone yours need doctors help immediately, but they are not available due to some reason. This system provides medical suggestions for patients on any time either by go green medicines or by consulting the doctor through online. So we hereby make an web application for patients and from that they can easily undergoes treatment. The user who is needing for doctor?s help at their home can consult doctors easily. It also saves the time of the user. From this the doctors get more customers from online and they earn a lot. Moreover, the frequently accessed doctors are credited with some amount by the organization.

Rule based Information Leveraging from Business Invoices

Invoicing and billing application for different business purposes helps mainly the service providers and freelancers to manage, send professional invoices online, and track its status. Generally, all the small companies facing a various issues for managing and tracking the invoice status of customers, which mostly back to the lacks of adapting new technology in these companies. The difficulty of managing invoices arises from the great care that is needed in order to make payments in a timely, accurate manner, and to keep proper records of everything. When trying to keep track of payments that need to be made to a number of different service providers, it can become difficult to maintain an organized database and to ensure that new information corresponds to earlier payments. It?s very easy to accessing admin process.

MobiGroup: Enabling Lifecycle Support to Social Activity Organization and Suggestion With Mobile Crowd Sensing

This paper presents a group-aware mobile crowd sensing system called MobiGroup, which supports group activity organization in real-world settings. Acknowledging the complexity and diversity of group activities, this paper introduces a formal concept model to characterize group activities and classifies them into four organizational stages. We then present an intelligent approach to support group activity preparation, including a heuristic rule-based mechanism for advertising public activity and a context-based method for private group formation. In addition, we leverage features extracted from both online and offline communities to recommend ongoing events to attendees with different needs. Compared with the baseline method, people preferred public activities suggested by our heuristic rule-based method. Using a dataset collected from 45 participants, we found that the contextbased approach for private group formation can attain a precision and recall of over 80%, and the usage of spat

Mobile App For Water Complaint System

Water distribution systems consist of pipeline networks and associated components, most of which is underground and exposed to soil corrosion and mechanical stress from the surrounding soil, surface traffic, and internal water pressure (Ahammed and Melchers 1997). Pipe failure in water distribution systems disrupts the water supply to consumers and reduces the reliability of the system. It is found that about 35% to 60% of the supplied volume is wasted due to pipe leakages (Babovic et al 2002). Therefore, inspection, control and planned maintenance and rehabilitation programs are necessary to properly operate existing water distribution systems (Saegrov et al 1999). This chapter reviews the applications of various methods, tools and techniques for the design and performance evaluation of water supply systems and the optimization models in water distribution systems.

Rescue Wings: Mobile Computing and Active Services Support for Disaster Rescue

During disaster events, timely and targeted information provision and exchange could provide great help to the stricken population in difficult and complicated environments. This paper reports a service oriented system, called Rescue Wings, for providing emergency support to sufferers and rescuers in disasters. The system utilizes mobile services to acquire real-time information about the users and environment, and constructs service agents (servants) to provide active services for mobile users. To perform their functions, the servants frequently invoke a set of intelligent services of Rescue Wings, which can further access a number of public services from government and other public organizations. We identify the most frequent request sequence patterns (FRSP) of Rescue Wings, and develop a new bio-inspired algorithm for efficiently scheduling the requests to minimize the response delay. The system has been tested in several disaster rescue drills, and has been successfully applied

Residential Management System on Material UI Design based Android App Development

The main purpose of this project is to help the public in knowing their place details and getting their problems solved in online without going to the officer regularly until the problem is solved. By this system the public can save his time and eradicate corruption in government offices. Its main purpose is to provide a smart and easy way through Android Application for Complaint registration and its Tracking and eradicating Bribing system and thus to prevent Corruption. We want to develop an android application for residential complaint management .To transform the existing manual compliant management system into an automate system. For the better management of complaints to improve efficiency.

Mobile App for Soil with suitable farming agent and distributor location

The Soil Screening Guidance incorporates readily obtainable site data into simple, standardized equations to derive site-specific screening levels for selected contaminants and exposure pathways. Admin enter the soil detail and distributor details. User can view those soil details and distributor details. Admin collect all information about soil and distributor location also.

Survey Land Registration System App

The Land Registration Project seeks to facilitate the orderly development of transparent land markets, through the registration of real estate rights, and complementary policies that enable transactions to be made with security and efficiency. It will thus help remove current impediments to investments in urban areas, and, also produce property titles in rural areas. The objective of this project is to prevent the selling of the agricultural areas and to avoid the illegal registration of the owned lands by using the forgery document with the implementation of the web application.

Toll Gate App for mobile based payment

Toll gate payment system have been of great assistance in lessening the over congestion that has become a part of the metropolitan cities these days. It is one of the uncomplicated ways to manage the great rum of traffic. The travelers passing through this mode of transport, carried by their transport that allows them to be aware of the account of the money that has been paid and the money left in the tag. It relieves the traveler of the burden of waiting in the queue to make the toll payment, which decreases the fuel-consumption and also taking cash with them can be avoided. Our system avoids this type of problems, user he gate pass from online so user doesn?t need to wait the tollgate.

Leakage Detection and Risk Assessment on Privacy for Android Applications: LRPdroid

How to identify and manage information leakage of user privacy is a very crucial and sensitive topic for handheld mobile device manufacturers, telecommunication companies, and mobile device users. As the success of a financial fraud usually requires possessing a victim?s private information, new types of personal identity theft and private information acquirement attack are developed and deployed along with various Apps in order to steal personal private information from mobile device users. With more than 50% of smartphone market share, Android-based mobile phone vendors and Internet service providers have to face the new challenge on user privacy management. In this paper, we present a user privacy analysis framework for an Android platform called LRPdroid. The goals of LRPdroid are to achieve information leakage detection, user privacy disclosure evaluation, and privacy risk assessment for Apps installed on Android-based mobile devices. With a formally defined user privacy model, L

Veterinary Care Mobile Application

Vet Care? is an application which is simple and easy to use. Users that are registered can send the symptoms of his pet/animal to the doctor and get responds. This application is useful for distant areas. Farmer has to register first and has to subscribe. Farmer will freely subscribe to Govt. CVHs. The user has to pay fee if user will subscribe to the private clinic?s doctor. There will be images of influenced animals with basic diseases and their prescriptions. We are developing a system which is useful for layman. ?Vet Care? is an android application which is useful for both doctor and users. Farmer has to send his animal?s signs and symptoms to doctor in video, audio, images or text form. The doctor will receive the farmer?s requests and responds. The user?s data will be automatically added to the database. Farmer has to register first and has to subscribe. Farmer will freely subscribe to Govt. CVHs. He has to pay fee if he will subscribe to the private clinic?s doctor. On the basic

iHospital Doctor-Patient interaction system

The establishment and improvement of doctor-patient interaction system is a very important requirement, especially now when the mobile communication technology is developing rapidly. The advantages of mobile web can be made full use of to make up the time and distance gap between doctors and patients and to provide fast and adequate medical services. Through the connection between mobile terminals and specific service, both doctors and patients are able to obtain required data to achieve a better interaction. Android is a Linux based open source operating system which is mainly used in portal devices with excellent performance thus making its market share growing. The platform, Web services and database technology are all gradually maturing, so that we can develop a doctor- patient interaction system on Android platform to meet the needs of the patient and provide doctors more efficient and convenient means of communication with patients

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